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O Reading music helps with other kinds of reading, for example, reading words, reading numerical symbols, reading scientific symbols, reading art, reading maps. The conductor Simon Rattle made this point when music was being sidelined by the strictures of the National Curriculum. O It aids concentration aurally, much as drawing aids concentration visually, and dance aids concentration on the body and the space around it, and drama aids concentration on (among other things) social realities. o It makes children aware of sounds, not just musical sounds, but also, to take three examples, birdsong, the human voice and the noise waves make when they suck back over pebbles on foreign shores.

45 LIST 45 Five rules for drawing O Use your pencil (or other graphic tool, ball point, charcoal, chalk, felt-tip pen) in as many different ways as you can. Use the point (obviously); the side of the lead; draw heavy and dark, and light; cross-hatch; smudge; combine all or some of these. o Make a decision about what kind of paper you are going to use; and whether you are going to use it landscape-wise or portraitwise. o Draw your subject close-up. This is to encourage large-scale, detailed drawing, and inclusion of details.

Secondly, it offers more space. When they need to face the altar, they can turn their chairs round. 36 LIST Organizing the quality of the 37 classroom o Books should be invitingly displayed; picture books at Key Stage 1 with their front covers, not their spines showing. O Tatty books should be rooted out and binned every term. o If you have a computer suite, it takes the machines out of everyday life. It makes them special. We visit a computer suite. On the contrary, a computer should be an everyday tool, available in the classroom when it is needed.

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