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By Guido Segers

В магистерской диссертации Гвидо Сегерса, защищённой в Университете Тильбург в Нидерландах в июле 2012 г., показывается, каким образом различные радикальные идеологические течения проявляют себя в специфической музыкальной субкультуре - "блэк-метал".

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Critic and cultural theorist Paul Morley has written books approximately song background, pleasure department , suicide, the moog synthesiser and the north of britain. A contributor to various guides from the Face to the monetary instances , a founding member of the paintings of Noise, he seems to be on a regular basis on BBC 2's The evaluation exhibit and has awarded radio and tv documentaries on many matters together with Brian Eno, boredom, the recording studio and Anthony Burgess. He makes use of an unregistered Oyster Card.

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The extreme metal scene at that is defined by Kahn-Harris in a model of interacting scenes of different genres and localities, always fluent and diverse and ever changing. Autonomy is at times something a scene reaches in my opinion, regarding how a scene such as the Norwegian is obviously influenced by predecessors, but starts growing in an own small, local, underground bubble. Still, extreme metal is part of the metal scene and even that will always be part of the even wider classification of popular music.

For we have lost faith in One Master Signifier. (Kristeva, 1982, p. 209)” There is something more to the abject though for Kristeva, it also 38 suggests it becomes incomprehensible with an absence of science and a God to support the individual. The individual will have to make sense of its own world and that which falls outside it, giving it a place in art to process it. It tells us something about the way mankind must deal with its world and explores its boundaries. Bataille states something similar.

Herodotus already mentions transgression when he speaks about the symmetry in the world. He points out that people should stay in their parts, because transgressing the borders would lead to imbalance. Crossing over is however, always possible but a thing that is outside of the order of things (Herodotus, 1961). Firstly, metal clearly challenges the borders of, always seeking to be more extreme and heavier than before. “We wanted to create something new. Something harder, faster and heavier. More aggressive than anything we had heard within that expression.

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