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By Petr Sgall, Ladislav Nebeský, Alla Goralčíková, Eva Hajičová

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A F U N CTI O N AL APPROAC H TO SY N TAX 30 From what has been said in Section 2. 2 about Hockett's (1961) schemes (Figures 1 and 2), it can be seen that we have found it useful to treat separately the two relations called R and C by Hockett ; we have arrived at the scheme (for the lower levels) illustrated in Figure 3. Lamb's treatment differs from ours in that he inserts a new unit (his m01pheme) between Hockett's morpheme (Lamb's lexon) and the morph (a string of phonemes) ; see Figure 5. But, in lexon morpheme morphon I .

1). As to points (b) to (e), on the phonetic level the distinctive features are divided into such subsets as voiced-voiceless, short-long, etc. A virtual sound can be specified as a combination of distinctive features from these subsets (which are mutually disjoint ; cf. Section 2. 2) . The set of well-formed sounds is, however, only a proper subset of the set of virtual sounds (in English as well as in Czech, for instance, the feature voiceless cannot be combined with that of nasality) . The set of all actual sounds is a subset of the set of well­ formed sounds of the given language, although in most cases, perhaps, the two latter sets are identical.

If compound words are-for the time being-not taken into account, a unit called the phenogrammatical (syntactic) word-form can be specified as a combinati on of elements from several sets, that is of one lexical tagmeme with a certain number of suffixes (whose number and types are at least partly determined by the type of the lexical tagmeme) and with at most one sentence part. A phenogrammatical word can then be characterized as a set of all phenogrammatical word-forms containing a single lexical tag­ meme.

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