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By R. Todd Felton

The hot England cities and villages that encouraged the foremost figures of the Transcendentalism circulation are offered via quarter during this trip advisor that devotes a bankruptcy to every city or village recognized for its courting to 1 or extra of the Transcendentalists. Cambridge, the place Ralph Waldo Emerson brought his robust speeches is highlighted, as is Walden, the place Henry David Thoreau spent years attuning himself to the rhythms of nature. different chapters retrace the trails of significant writers and poets of the interval in addition to the utopian groups of the time. This necessary touring spouse bargains road maps, old illustrations, and narratives that create a bright experience of latest England within the nineteenth century.

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The Ripleys were starting Brook Farm, and they were friends of ours. Theodore Parker was beginning his career, and all these things were discussed in my bookstore by Boston lawyers and Cambridge professors. Those were very living years for me. Building on Elizabeth Peabody’s success offering “conversations” for profit to a women-only audience, Margaret Fuller convened a series of discussion groups tackling serious philosophical topics during the winters from 1839 to 1844. m. on Wednesday afternoons, once a week for thirteen weeks.

He announced at the October 1840 meeting that he was resigning his ministry to begin a community called Brook Farm. ” Emerson politely declined to join but visited often and offered his encouragement. Much of the detailed planning for the Brook Farm community took place at 3 Elizabeth Peabody’s bookstore at 15 West Street. The bookstore, which was actually the front parlor of the Peabody home, served as a perfect meeting place for Boston intelligentsia. Its shelves were stocked with the books of foreign authors not found elsewhere—Kant, Hegel, Goethe, Plato, Swedenborg, Confucius—as well as Hindu texts such as the Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads.

A cousin of both Samuel Ripley and Emerson, George Ripley, founded Brook Farm and the Transcendental Club, and assisted Margaret Fuller in editing the Dial. The Dial was published by Elizabeth Palmer Peabody, whose younger sister, Sophia, married Hawthorne after he left Brook Farm, where he had lived with George Ripley, who then helped him rent the Old Manse, which had been in Emerson’s family for several generations. And Elizabeth Peabody was Bronson Alcott’s assistant at the Temple School in Boston, where Margaret Fuller also taught.

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