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Right here readers will locate not just an authoritative consultant to the historical past of philosophy, but additionally a compelling advent to each significant region of philosophical inquiry. --from writer description

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41; DK 68 B118). Democritus’ fundamental thesis is that matter is not inWnitely divisible. We do not know his exact argument for this conclusion, but Aristotle conjectured that it ran as follows. If we take a chunk of any kind of stuV and divide it up as far as we can, we will have to come to a halt at tiny bodies which are indivisible. We cannot allow matter to be divisible to inWnity: for let us suppose that the division has been carried out and then ask: what would ensue if the division was carried out?

Since they charged fees for imparting their skills, they might be called the Wrst professional philosophers if it were not for the fact that they oVered instruction and services over a much wider area than philosophy even in the broadest sense. The most versatile, Hippias of Elis, claimed expertise in mathematics, astronomy, music, history, literature, and mythology, as well as practical skills as a tailor and shoemaker. Some other sophists were prepared to teach mathematics, history, and geography; and all sophists were skilled rhetoricians.

It is diYcult, however, to assess exactly what his doctrine, though it greatly impressed both Plato and Aristotle, actually meant in practice. In Plato’s dialogue Phaedo, Socrates, in his last days in prison, is made to express his gradual disillusionment with the mechanistic explanations of natural science to be found in the early philosophers. He was pleased, he said, when he heard that Anaxagoras had explained everything by nous, or mind; but he was disappointed by the total absence of reference to value in his work.

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