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2. 1. 1). , 1977) and Multiphase-Particle-in-Cell (Andrews and O’Rouke, 1996). In models of plasmas these particle parcels are sometimes referred to as super-particles (Dawson, 1983). Methods in this general category were termed discrete parcel methods (DPMs) by Crowe et al. (2012), and we have retained this terminology. 2. 1. Schematic diagram illustrating the particle cloud method, which replaces a group of particles by a single representative particle with average velocity v, together with a cloud of virtual particles having cloud radius R.

The influence of viscosity on the strength of an axially strained pendular liquid bridge. Chemical Engineering Science 45(10), 3071–3088 (1990). Epstein PS, Carhart RR. The absorption of sound in suspensions and emulsions. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 25(3), 553–565 (1953). Feng JQ, Hays DA. Relative importance of electrostatic forces on powder particles. Powder Technology 135, 65–75 (2003). Fiscina JE, Lumay G, Ludewig F, Vandewalle N. Compaction dynamics of wet granular assemblies.

On the other hand, in the larger arterioles (approximately 80 µm diameter), and throughout the different small and large arteries (300 µm to 2 cm diameter), very little RBC deformation is observed. 13b). Formation of rouleaux is not common in normal physiological blood flow conditions, but they can form under various disease states such as diabetes, infections, and cancer when blood protein levels are high, as well as in low-shear wake regions behind obstructions in the circulatory system. 875in CUUS2101-01 CUUS2101/Marshall & Li ISBN: 978 1 107 03207 1 24 December 25, 2013 9:43 Introduction Red blood cells exhibit a tendency to collect near the central part of a blood vessel, leaving a region near the walls with low RBC concentration.

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