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In independent but relevant developments, many workers have explored smart surfaces incorporating sensors and/or actors. For example, Emfit of Finland and DuPont Teijin Films of the UK have cooperated on ambitious applications for piezo sensor foils in automotive electronics. In a living room, these foils might act as directed microphones and/or speakers, or simply as embedded switches. A completely audio-visual wall coating appears to be possible – the ultimate TV set. 14 GE’s wallpaper matrix Source: GE Greetings cards Greetings cards are part of the so-called personal expression industry and their main function is to display a picture on the basis that the sender and receiver are mass-market consumers and – one hopes – at least one of them will like that greetings card.

Then WotC was bought by Hasbro, and calculation replaced the magic. It is the technical possibilities that are intriguing. Assume a playing card is a finitestate automaton incorporating a touch screen so that a user can select their next move, and assume the card communicates its state to an external machine such as a PC, PDA or games console. That card must incorporate an electronic display to communicate its status to the player; a shared external device (TV, PC, games console display) seen by all players will not work here.

18, where they are modelled along much the same lines as an LED: a cathode injects electrons into the recombination layer and an anode injects a hole, so that light is emitted. OLEDs are essentially made of plastic plus indium tin oxide (ITO) for the bendable conducting electrodes, hence they are flexible. They are very sensitive to oxygen ingress, so older versions were enclosed in glass but polymer substrate versions are now available. Moreover, OLEDs need extremely smooth substrates, such as finely polished glass; minute irregularities in otherwise smooth plastic substrates can lead to pinholes that shorten the device lifetimes.

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