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By Rosamund Lupton

Lovers of SISTER, learn Rosamund Lupton's subsequent novel, AFTERWARDS.

There is a fireplace and they're in there. they're in there...

Black smoke stains a summer season blue sky. a college is on fireplace. And one mom, Grace, sees the smoke and rush. She is aware her teenage daughter Jenny is within. She runs into the burning construction to rescue her.

Afterwards Grace needs to locate the id of the arsonist and defend her kids from the individual who's nonetheless motive on destroying them. Afterwards, she needs to struggle the boundaries of her actual energy and notice the limitlessness of affection.

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Yes, it would be very nice one day to have a flat, and yes, she would look, but nothing was ever done. So Isabel had decided she would do it. She would look for something suitable and set Grace up in it. She could easily afford to do this. Isabel was discreet about her financial position, but the Louisiana and Gulf Land Company, a large part of which she had inherited through her mother, had done and continued to do well. There was no shortage of funds, as the quarterly statement of assets from the Northern Trust revealed.

But then she thought: Some do, and so she added, “Except actors. ” Patrick could be both of these, she thought. She wondered whether a narcissistic actor would be an improvement on an unfaithful wine merchant, which is what Toby had been. Motor insurance companies rated people according to occupa- T H E R I G H T AT T I T U D E T O R A I N 55 tion when they assessed risk; poets and journalists paid a higher premium than lawyers and librarians. It had not occurred to her before, but now she saw it: the risk a man posed to a woman probably ran in parallel to the insurance risk he represented.

Ultimately everything that the poets said about love was a romanticization of the fundamental biological imperative: find somebody with whom to produce children and who will help you raise them. She did not have the chance to speak at length to Patrick until they were seated at the table. Exercising her prerogative as hostess, she had placed Patrick on her right, which would enable her to find out what she needed to find out. He proved forthcoming. He was a lawyer, he revealed. He worked for a firm that specialised in takeovers, which he called acquisitions.

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