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Airliners Between the Wars, 1919-39 (Colour)

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Their aim was to avoid serious fighting through their hitand-run tactics. But over time raiding mutated into settlement and conquest, and when Vikings came to stay they inevitably had to stand and fight. 1000 K I E VA N RU S BRITISH ISLES 841 DA N 836 ELAW 845 866 POLAND HOLY Y 841 A ROMAN U G EMPIRE 836 845 843 BURGUNDY LEÓN 85 CASTILE CALIPHATE OF CORDOVA  Ca nar y Is 844  NAVARRE VENETIAN REPUBLIC Seville 844 2 86 9– Sardinia Balearic Islands 859 Tunis BY PAPAL STATES ANT Sicily  M it ed A F R I I NE an err 839 M PI ean E C Gotland picture stone The top of this 8th-century carved stone from the Swedish island of Gotland depicts warriors entering Valhalla—the eight-legged horse is Odin’s steed Sleipnir.

The auxiliary troops that were stationed there would have been divided, like legionaries, into eight-man contubernia, or “tent groups”. Each infantry block housed five contubernia and each contubernium was allotted a cramped two-roomed suite, which also had to accommodate much of their equipment. The centurion and the lower ranking officers lived in a slightly larger suite at the end of the barracks. Cavalrymen were billeted in similar sized barracks. With 30 men and their horses housed in each block, conditions were even less enviable than those of the infantry.

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