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By Greg Vanwyngarden

Approximately each German ace who flew prior to the summer season of 1918 scored victories in Albatros opponents, whose advent coincided with the advance of the well-known and hugely winning Jagdstaffeln, the 1st real German fighter formations, which grew to become a severe German air tactic and helped to wrest again air superiority from the Allies. After wreaking havoc within the skies over Arras the Albatros was once finally outclassed through succeeding generations of Allied airplane, yet nonetheless remained the main quite a few and ubiquitous of all German warring parties in global struggle I, with Albatros biplanes contributing virtually two-thirds of the German warring parties on the entrance through the Spring Offensive of 1918. This ebook, with its 32 colour profiles, charts the original markings and layout of 1 of the main menacingly attractive opponents of the struggle. that includes recognized and unsung aces, a large number of first-hand bills and unique pictures, this booklet deals a clean view into the reviews of the German pilots who persisted a really assorted type of battle from the troops at the floor. whereas the warriors faced the hazards of No-Man's Land and faceless slaughter, the pilots persevered lethal video games of cat and mouse within the skies above the trenches.

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