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By William S. Graves

Normal Graves designated account of the Russian Civi; conflict.

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The principal concentration of the e-book is Russia and the increase and fall of the Tsarist and the Soviet Empires. the overpowering majority of works on empire pay attention to the eu maritime powers. Lieven’s comparative strategy highlights the real function performed by means of Russia within the enlargement of Europe and its upward thrust to international dominance.

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Y extra Disillusiosiment via Emma Goldman Being a Continuation of pass over Goldmans stories in Russia as given in My Disillusionment in Russia C r T 4l fi If M I three - I, backyard urban long island Doubleday, web page corporation 1924 y ITE within the UNiria nation on the nation existence , CARDEK CITV, . Y. Hr st variation PUBLISHERS observe a few years in the past Emma Goldman was once de ported from this kingdom and went to Russia to enquire for my part what she believed to be the closest method of a Utopia which the realm had but produced.

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They are being used for guarding other prisoners and especially German officers in whom Soviet places no confidence. . T he Soviet states that they would not think of placing arms at the disposal of prisoners who would take up cause against them when their cause is so categorically opposite to their own. The Soviet further gave us their official guarantee that no more than a maximum of fifteen hundred prisoners will be armed in the whole of Siberia. . ” 7 W ebster and Hicks, on A pril i, 1 91 8 , telegraphed with reference to the prison camps to the British Mission, M oscow : “ W e have just visited the large w ar prisoners’ camp outside Irkutsk where we were given every facility to see everything and talk with the prisoners.

About all I had to do relative to the movement was to check up the arrangements, make some personal preparations, and on August u , 1 91 8 , I notified the W ar Department that all was in readiness for the move. A fte r conferring with General C. A . Devol, in charge o f Quartermasters work in San Francisco, I telegraphed the W ar Department asking for authority to call on him direct fo r supplies. T he W ar D epart­ ment approved my request and this cut out the Quar­ termaster General’s office in Washington, which, natu­ rally, was principally occupied with supplying the American troops in France.

D epartm ent o f State, W ashington, Ju ly i j , i g i 8 . , the solemn assurance to the people of Russia, in the most public and solemn manner, that none of the Governments uniting in action in either Siberia or in N orthern Russia contemplates any interference o f any kind with the political sov­ ereignty of Russia, any intervention in her internal affairs. . T h is clearly committed the agents o f the United States to a specific line o f action as long as this solemn assurance held good and one of these two questions or both came up in the consideration o f practically every dealing I had with the different Russian factions.

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