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By John Hickman

Absolutely up to date and revised during this new 3rd variation, Atlas of Veterinary surgical procedure maintains to supply either the practitioner and the scholar with a close connection with all of the worthwhile surgical ideas required normally perform. This publication is split into twelve sections every one of which offers with surgeries on a nearby foundation or as a surgical self-discipline. The illustrations which accompany each one surgery are prepared sequentiallly with the explanatory textual content and accompanying captions interposed. This hugely visible format makes each one strategy basic to keep on with. The textual content is supported by means of over 500 drawings and a hundred photos. This booklet is exclusive in its assurance of either huge and small animals.

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The purpose of replication is to add information about the reliability of estimates or conclusions drawn from data. For example, if we wanted to know the weight of newborn giraffe calves born in a zoo we could simply weigh a single calf. However, this single weight would tell us nothing about the weight of all the other calves born in this zoo or in other zoos. To obtain more reliable information we would need to obtain data on more newborn calves, from which we could then calculate a mean weight and a measure of dispersion such as a standard deviation.

Also at Edingburgh Zoo, the Budongo Trail exhibit is a large chimpanzee exhibit that incorporates research pods (Fig. , 2012). 9). 5). 3 How Does Science Work? Scientists employ a method of study known as the ‘scientific method’. 1). What is a hypothesis? Essentially it is a guess about how the world works. A scientist makes a guess about how the world works – formulates a hypothesis – and then devises an experiment to test it. e. unpredictable) times throughout the day this might reduce the frequency of stereotypic behaviour in a particular species of monkey.

I examined 349 papers published in Zoo Biology between 1996 and mid‐2004 and identified a significant change in emphasis in the research carried out by zoos during this period (Rees, 2005). Reproductive studies replaced behaviour as the largest category (34%), followed by studies of nutrition, growth and development (19%) and behaviour and enrichment (17%). Studies concerned with ecology, field biology, ­conservation and reintroduction only accounted for some 2% of the total, but there was an increase in papers on taxonomy, genetics and population biology (10%).

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