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By T. Kuroki, M. Kishl, C. Hayeshi

Produced through the expanding curiosity in eastern executive courses, this booklet, that's a pioneer in its box, solutions a couple of questions now being requested by means of scholars and researchers

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In this case, the information is produced and published in accordance with the regulations of each organization. Production Procedure and Authorship 47 Now let us classify these various cases: 1. Required by law. compulsory. The compilation or publication is 2. Requested by the public. A submission or report is necessary, even though not required by any regulations such as the Office Duty Regulations of each organization. 3. Information reproduced from the original sources, for instance the general public relations documents p r o duced by the Public Relations Division of each organization.

Public relations materials of the day) k. Records and documents of administrative history (material of administrative history, history of ministries and agencies) 1. Materials for foreign countries foreign languages for abroad) m. Secondary materials (records of training (PR information, (materials (bibliographies, news in catalogues) These are not generally accepted classification schemes; there are also other schemes based on different points of view. 30 2. Japanese Government Characteristics of Government Publications Publications Government publications differ from regular publications in the distinctiveness of the author and subject m a t t e r , and the unique By studying and a n a l y s method of publication and distribution.

HISTORY The first w h i t e paper ever to appear in Japan w a s published b y the Economic Planning Agency (formerly the Economic Stability Headquarters) in July 1947 under the Katayama Cabinet, its title being the Report of the Actual Conditions of the Economy. For this paper the Government had gathered as m a n y statistics The W h i t e Paper w a s published in and materials as possible. order that people could be m a d e aware of the actual economic situation and show that by working together w i t h the Government It w a s a small booklet the economic crisis could b e overcome.

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